Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekend Munchies

I love long weekends! Although I have a Health Communications & Marketing paper to write, I've still enjoyed myself! Plus, no work tomorrow! Yippie!

Yesterday, I began with an iced coffee and a strawberry Chobani with some granola. Yummmmm. I'm going to be so sad when my Chobani runs out!

Then, for my mid-morning snack, I ate a Clif Kids Peanut Butter bar. I l.o.v.e. Clif products! They are so yummy and filling!

Next, was my trip to Sam's. Ahhhh...I love Sam's (especially during food demonstration time)! I scored this amazing tub of hummus! It's full of garlic...just how I like it!

Yesterday evening, I decided to munch on some Pretzel Crisps with a nice helping of my hummus! Fabulous snack.

Last night, the fiance and I went to see The House Bunny. Soooooo funny.

Sunday dishes are coming next! Toodles.


Jessica said...

yummmooo on the hummus! How funny I saw House Bunny last night too. Hilarious!

Shalane said...

Wasn't it good?!