Sunday, August 10, 2008

Target Steals!

Yesterday, my mom and I made a trip to Target. Gosh, how I love Target. Anyway, we decided to break out our All You magazine plus the Proctor and Gamble coupon booklet that comes each month in the newspaper. We made a pact to purchase things ONLY with coupons. Wow! What savings.

We got this entire stash for...$14.44!!! Check it out...TWO Fusion razors for my dad, bonus pack of toothpaste, salsa, two pizzas, laundry detergent, Silk soy milk (yum), Jif pb to go, and some fruit cups!

Plus...for purchasing the two razors, we got a $5 Target gift card. :) Awesome, right?


Jennifer said...

I love All You magazine for coupons!!!!

runjen said...

I love me some Target steals! What is All You magazine?

Shalane said...


All You is an awesome magazine! It's sold at Wal-Mart (I have a subscription). It's full of tips plus TONS of great coupons! It's a fairly cheap magazine as well! You should check it out!