Thursday, August 28, 2008

Three meals out

Today was an interesting day on the food front. I didn't really *plan* to eat all three meals out today...but somehow, I did! I did fairly well though.

For breakfast, I met my dad at Panera Bread. Normally, I get the caramel latte over ice. Sadly, the espresso machine was broken. So, I had to settle for an IC Caramel with a chocolate muffie. Still delightful!

I had a Clif Kids Twisted Fruit in mixed berry for my mid-morning snackie. I still like strawberry the best! Notice my fun Sharpie I found in my desk. I have a thing for permanent markers!

For lunch, I went to a local pizza shop with my friends Jan and Jessica. It was a good girlie lunch...we discussed favorite TV shows. I swear...I'm going to convert the world to One Tree Hill!

For dinner, we went out for T's brother's 28th birthday. We went to the Texas Roadhouse and I ordered the chicken critter salad. However, I fogot to take a picture before I scarfed it down.

However...I managed to take an awesome shot of Tim sitting on the saddle at the Roadhouse. Blackmail...future brother-in-law!

Tomorrow is Fridayyyyyyyy! T and I are going to our high school's first football game. Alumni representing! Go Hawks!

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