Friday, August 29, 2008

Chobani and Pretzel Crisps!!!!

Yay!!!! I came home today to find my lovely Chobanis already in the fridge!!! I scooped them out to take a quick picture...Many thanks to Chobani for sending me samples!!!

I figured that I MUST try the blueberry...OMG. It is to die for!!! I think Chobani may be one of my new favorites! I had a little bear naked granola with it!

Then...I sorted through my mail and found some things from Pretzel Crisps! I received a letter and some coupons!!! Thanks, Pretzel Crisps!!!

What a fabulous Friday! I have more foodie pics for later...but the fiance and I are headed to our high school's football game. We'll have a fun nite eating the concessions we used to love in high school!


F and G said...

How did you get the samples?

Shalane said...

I sent the company an e-mail with a link to my blog! :)

Simple and Divine said...

heyyy Shalane! I ust found your blog n it's totally presh! Love those samples, too! Hav a great sat girlie!