Thursday, August 28, 2008

I *heart* Trader Joe's!

Remember when grandpa used to tell you about the "general" or "company" store? Did you always want to race back in time with him and get the yummy candies and "soda pop?"

Well, you can! Sort of. Trader Joe's is an amazing grocery store chain that is deeply focused on the simpler way of life. Trader Joe's is a fabulous way to shop! They have the foodie basics...milk, bread and eggs. However, TJ's has an amazing array of yummy, exotic snacks! Plus, nearly everything TJ's sells is manufactured by the company. Therefore, the middleman is cut out and prices are insanely low!

Love organic/natural products? Trader Joes is the PERFECT solution! I have never seen so many environmental-friendly products in one store (Whole Foods is a close contender...but still a little too expensive for my small wallet)!

I would absolutely die if TJ's decided to build in West Virginia! The closest is Pittsburgh, and it's totally worth the trip. Heck, the price break in food almost equals the price in gas!

I'm sending TJ's a little note asking (really begging) them to consider building a store in my hometown. The fiance and I would die and go to heaven!


Amber said...

I love trader joes, my mom has shopped there as long as I can remember. In elementary school the other kids thought I was weird because I had blue chips, hummus and sandwiches on pitas lol. So happy it is cool and normal to shop there now.

Shalane said...

Amber, I would have loved TJ's as a kid! I hated peanut butter and jelly! I was NOT the normal lunchbox kid! Haha.