Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two obsessions...

Lately, I have had two obesessions: Vera Bradley and Fireside Coffee.

My VB collection is continually growing. They are the most functional and affordable bags I own! I went to a little shop today and found this adorable limited edition bag for 40% off. So cute...I can't wait to show Tom.

It's a great little bag to throw things in and go. I'm planning on going to the VB outlet sale next May in Fort Wayne, IN to stock up on some great buys.

My second new obsession is Fireside Coffee. It's a MUCH cheaper and MUCH healthier version of Starbucks. Now, do I get the same satisfaction of going to Starbucks and sipping heaven out of a green and white cup? No. Is it cheaper on gas and my wallet? Absolutely! Plus, it's only 65 calories per serving. Way better than probably the 400 calories I consume at Starbucks!

My favorite is Vanilla Nut Fudge. However, I'm determined to try some new flavors.

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