Friday, June 27, 2008

Pedicures, Puppy Dogs, and Nieces (Oh my!)

Last night, Tom and I had a great time. It was our two year anniversary and we went for couples pedicures and then to dinner. After that, we went to visit his nieces who are in town and to play with the new puppy, Peanut.

Tom's first pedicure!

I love pedicures!!!

Being silly in the car!

Tom and his adorable nieces

Peanut snacking on Tom's flip flops

Katie, Peanut, Tom, and Emmy

Tom and I

Emily teaching Peanut bad things


Dana said...

LOL. T's flip flop looks HUGE compared to the kitty - CUTE!!

The Vergin's said...

So cute! I love peanut!

*Samantha* said...

You look so pretty!! What did Tom think about his pedi?? :0)