Sunday, June 29, 2008

Refinishing Furniture!

I recently made my first attempt in refinishing furniture. This shelf has been in my family for at least fifty years. It belonged to my grandparents (my grandma thinks it was once in my great-grandmother's house). Then, it was passed along to my mother.

It used to be this awful brown color. So, I decided to take it and paint it black to go with my room. For now, I'm using it to store my Vera Bradley bags and some wedding materials on the shelves. I still need to find the perfect knobs for the drawers. I was very pleased with how it turned out. It makes me want to go antiquing and attempting to do the same for other pieces of furniture. This piece will go with me when Tom and I get married. I think it would be great in our office as a bookcase.

I still need to find a cute base for my VB lampshade.

On Saturday, I went to TJ Maxx (love it for household items)! I was browsing through the office accessories and stumbled across a TON of VB stationary items. I picked up quite a few pieces.

My grandmother also bought us a beautiful wrought iron cross. I'm thinking I want to do a cross wall in my house. Possibly in an entry way or hallway.


Jessica said...

Great stuff!!

Amanda said...

What a gorgeous shelf! Did you strip it first, or just repaint it? I've got a couple pieces of furniture that I'd like to refinish, but it's going to involve stripping....something I'm not looking forward to.

Shalane said...

Amanda...I just sanded it a little in some rough spots and painted it. I don't know if I want to get into stripping! It'll be worth it, I'm sure, though!

Mrs T said...

Cute stuff !!! <3 <3