Friday, September 5, 2008

Udi's Granola (camera back in action)!


I came home after a looooooooooooooong Friday and found an enticing FedEx package waiting for me! I tore it open and found these glorious packages inside!

Udi's sent me: 1 pacakge of original granola, 1 package of "BanaBerry" granola, and FIFTEEN sample packets of cranberry, hawaiian, au naturel, vanilla, and muesli!!! AMAZING!!!!

I already tried the BanaBerry (for kids) and it is outstanding! My mom was so excited to try it as well. I can't wait to show the Future Husband the amazing package I got!

So, Cynthia...thank you! You are AMAZING! It made my day!

On the food sampling review for Barney Butter:

WOW! It was SO good! I took a packet to work and had it with Pretzel Crisps. It was quite filling! Super yummy! Thanks again, Barney Butter! You guys rock.

My parents went to Amish Country in Ohio and got back today. Look at the amazing produce they brought back! YUMMMMMM. My mom also got PUMPKIN SEEDS! *love her*

I'm off to make a yummy plate full of my goodies for dinner! I'll be working on my final HC&M paper before my class moves into GREEN MARKETING. I'm quite excited about this.

Tomorrow, I'm meeting some ladies from my church (along with my mom) for my pre-birthday celebration breakfast at Cracker Barrell. It will be hard to be good!

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