Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's already Tuesday!!! That is what I love about three day weekends.

For breakfast, I had a Vanilla Chobani and with some yummmmmmy Bear Naked granola on top. I LOVE my Chobani! I'm almost out, though...sadness. I've eaten it every day since they sent it!

For lunch, I'm having some Pretzel Crisps with Laughing Cow Cheese, a sugar free jello salad my granny made, and a chocolate covered strawberry left over from Scrabble night! I also have an apple sauce the fridge at work. I'll probably eat that too!

Some great news...I got a 99/100 on my first HC&M paper! YAY! I've gotten 20/20s on both discussion board postings as well. Grade so far...99.2

Off to work!


Katy said...

YAY!!!! I FOUND A NEW FUN BLOG!!!! I LOVE BLOGGING! I AM OBSESSED!!! I haven't done it as much lately because I think no one looks at it. LOL! But it's still fun! I am sad that I had to read on your blog though that you are doing a black and white wedding... I feel like I'm out of the loop on wedding details. CALL ME SOMETIME GIRL!!!!! LOL!!

Shalane said...

I thought I told you about the black and white wedding! Well, that's about it...you haven't missed anything yet. Still no date...*SIGH*.

Gina said...

congrats on your grade- thats amazing!!!
i'm almost out of chobani too... i have 3 left that i'm trying to savor, which doesn't work so well with dairy products. i've gotta eat them before they expire!!!
have a great day!