Monday, September 8, 2008

23 candles and baby Tyler!

Whew! What a busy weekend! Sorry I didn't update much...I was super busy with pre-birthday celebrations and meeting my new cousin, Tyler.

Future Husband's family had a birthday celebration complete with a cookie cake and cards! Tom's awesome mom had the Victoria's Secret Pink dog put on my cake! :) Love her!

Then, we went to meet baby Tyler! He's my cousin's second baby. Soooo cute.

Some of my other eats from the weekend...

A yummy tasting plate. Soooo good. Brenton crackers, pepperoni, cheese, pumpkin seeds, a sliced apple, and Barney Butter!

This AMAZING peach my parents brought back from Amish Country.

Annie's white cheddar shells (with a little parsley). YUM!

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Amber said...

Happy birthday Shalane!