Thursday, July 31, 2008

The latest and the greatest

Since we came back from Indy, our schedules have been jam-packed! We started Vacation Bible School at our church this week. The theme for this year is "Power Lab: Discovering Jesus' Miraculous Power." It's been great fun! I am the snack lady and provide "test tube treats" to 130 kiddos each night. Tom helps with the snacks and also does a few sing-a-long songs with the kids. He does "Dem Bones" each night and the kids love it!

A few nights ago, the kids had a dance off with WVU Football star, Tito Gonzales. He's really been a hit with the kids!

With all my time off from school...I've been reading a book by Meg Cabot called Size 14 Is Not Fat Either. It's a great read. Perfect chick lit for the summer!

I also purchased an adorable fall tote while in Indy this weekend at the Vera Bradley store!

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