Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hanky Panky

Ever wear a thong? Yeah? They suck, right? They are uncomfortable and I personally feel like I have a wedgie 24/7. However, thongs are sometimes a complete necessity. For starters, they are sexy. On another note, they eliminate the visible panty line (VPL). Oh, the horrors of the VPL. Nothing is worse than seeing a woman in high-waisted jeans that the VPL that makes her look like she has 4 cheeks instead of 2.

So, how does a hip chick remain sexy, avoid the VPL, and stay comfortable? Hanky Panky, of course! Some of my friends raved over these thongs sent from the underwear gods. I was skepticial at first, but I thought I'd try them. I bought them at Nordies a little over a year ago and have been hooked ever since. Of course, I'll wear my trusty bikinis every now and then. But, on most days, I'm strutting in my Hanky Pankys.

They are a little pricey ($18 a pair retail...gasp)! But, they are totally worth it when you can find them on sale.

HSN has some pretty sweet deals going on right now. $19.90 and $9.90 for three-packs.

I reccommend the low rise...and they are one size fits most.

Try a won't regret it!

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