Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bad Blogger!

I'm such a bad blogger. However, I have a very good reason for being MIA for the past week and a half. You see, I'm in graduate school and it takes up an insane amount of time. I just finished my adavnced PR class with a 41-page paper. Yes. You read right. 41 pages. I worked SO hard on this beast. Nonetheless...I got an A on the paper, an A in the class and kept my 4.0 GPA. So, missing out on the blogging for a little while was well worth it.

On a more relaxing note, we are heading to Indiana on Friday with my BFF Jessica to visit her boyfriend, BJ. It will be quite fun! Tom and I are super excited to hang out with such great friends. We're going to the Vera Bradley signature store (GASP!) and to the Indy Zoo. Yay!

I recently purchased this fabulous VB bag on Ebay. It is normally $82 and I got it for $40 shipped! It's great...perfect for WVU!

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